Tips For Shopping Antiques

Lot of people today enjoy in old pieces of furniture and decorations. There are some who even decorate all of their houses just with antique pieces giving their homes an old historical and unique look. The market of antiques has so much to offer while is also a very accessible place.

Antique lovers have many different ways to buy, including auctions, online shops, regular shops, garage sales etc. But, even it looks easy, selling and shopping antiques is large business and is not so simple. There are still some basic things you should know if you want to make great deal when shopping antiques. If you are an old antique lover, you probably know all these stuffs, but if you are beginner in collecting then continue reading and find out what are those few, but very important things to know when it comes to antique shopping.

Be Prepared And Informed – Before start with whole process of shopping antiques, make a clear decision about what you are looking for and do your homework. Find some printed materials or books about antiques and take it with you. Take measuring tape and flashlight with you as well. They can be really helpful in order to evaluate the right condition of the antique and make sure it does have the same dimensions as the original.

Look At The Finish – Want to buy wooden dresser, table or something similar? Then looking for the finish of the item is must. The existence can indicate two things. First, that isn’t so old as you might think and the second that it has been restored. Although such antique piece may still have value, it certainly would not be so high as the value for an unfinished piece. Generally, the appearance of old pieces is not shiny and have more rough surface. Other signs of a real antique piece is presence of oil or wax while also being able to see debris and dust in the cervices of the wood.

Check The Dealer – Evaluate the dealer you plan to work with. Find out does it sells legitimate antiques, so you can be sure you will get what you pay for. Antique market is huge and certainly there are many who will try to sell and antique pieces that actually are not. Fell free to ask any question you want and the dealer should give you the answers with no hesitation.

Get A Second Option – If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about antiques then you should probably consider about second opinion. When going for shopping antiques, if you have a chance, take an expert or someone who have more experience than you. Also, you can make some online research before shopping and read few local customer reviews about auction houses, antique dealers, online shops and service providers.