Online Shopping

6What was once a rather scary proposition has become a way of life for people around the world. Yes, we’re referring to online shopping; and the big daddy of online shopping – Amazon. In case you’ve had your fill of it, and are looking for some interesting Amazon alternatives, this Buzzle post has 11 of them listed just for you. Take your pick…

Amazon is known as the ‘big daddy’ among online retailers for all the right reasons. The company claims to have the biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, electronics, computers, software, clothing, accessories, jewelry, tools, hardware, housewares, furniture, sporting equipment, and beauty products on the entire planet. No one’s really verified this, but one look at the site’s enormous range of products, and you realize that there is some truth to this.

Despite being a top-of-the-rung shopping site, Amazon does have its own share of competitors. And even if you happen to be an Amazon loyalist, it would only be interesting to check out these great alternatives.


What can we say about Overstock that hasn’t already been said? 1,000,000+ amazing products from all over the world. This site offers some fabulous value-added deals on a wide range of products, following a model that is pretty similar to Amazon’s. Overstock is steadily climbing the charts as Amazon’s closest competitor, and they have also begun to cater to customers from all over the globe.


This Japanese e-commerce giant made quite a splash when it took over, breaking into US and European markets. In terms of sales figures, Rakuten ranks among the world’s top sites. Their forte remains electronics, and you can find some amazing value-for-money deals on appliances and gadgets on the site.